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Atelier Acrid Mystery Spins

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All the fun of the fair has landed at 🎡🎟

for only £1 you will receive either a necklace, pair of earrings, keyring, selection of tumble stones or a tumble stone keyring!! 

The contents of some of the capsules are worth upto £10 in retail value while most being worth between £3 and £6… So £1 a go is an absolute bargain… if I do say so myself! 😂 

add “Acrid Dear” on fb to see what you’ve won on my story before it’s posted… to work out which is yours just take note of the last two numbers in your order number

please note that what you win will be sent in a bag and the capsule will be reused 🖤

postage is £2 per order no matter how many spins you buy!! 

if you want to have a go in person and avoid the postage costs there is a machine located at Esclavage in Newcastle!!